DANBURY AMBULANCE SERVICE, is a proven leader in emergency medical services and has been providing paramedic service in the Danbury area since 1978. The clinical excellence of Danbury Ambulance's field paramedics and the leadership of its management team are well known throughout the area. Danbury Ambulance Service will continue to provide leadership to this program in the way of management, education, and public liaison. Danbury Ambulance Service has been providing ambulance service to the greater Danbury area since July 7th, 1978. Danbury Ambulance Service is a stable, growing business headquartered in Danbury and is located at 14 Walnut Street with branch operations in Trumbull and Newtown, CT. Danbury Ambulance Service employs more than sevety-five men and women throughout the area. Many of these employees are volunteer providers within the communities we serve. In the town of Trumbull, Danbury Ambulance Service provides on station Paramedic staffing on a 24x7 basis, with related ALS equipment and supplies. In the town of Newtown, Danbury Ambulance service provides on station Paramedic staffing on a 24x7 basis. The town of Newtown covers an area of 59 square miles and, in 2017 had a resident population of 29,996. Danbury Ambulance Service has been providing this service to Newtown since October 2006. Danbury Ambulance Service also provides backup ALS and BLS services to the town of Newtown from our Danbury location. Danbury Ambulance has been handling all billing functions for our service operations since 1978. This includes emergent and non-emergent ambulance transports, wheelchair transports, and Paramedic intercepts with our Billing department located at our Walnut Street operations facility..

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Danbury Ambulance Service, Inc.
14 Walnut Street
Danbury, CT 06810
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